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About EJay Business Solutions

EJay Business Solutions is a flexible management consultancy offering a wide variety of support for charities and small to medium sized businesses to review or realign business strategy and source support when in house expertise is not available or when work loads are too high.  


Eileen Jacques is a professional manager who has a great deal of experience in the charity sector and the corporate sector.  Eileen knows the importance working with a clearly defined strategy to take a business forward, and also knows the pressures of juggling a heavy workload and the stress that can filter through into other parts of life when the workload pressures don't abate.


Having an extra pair of professional hands available can enable you to refocus on your core responsibilities secure in the knowledge that EJay Business Solutions is providing experienced, reliable and professional back up. 


With EJay Business Solutions on hand you can tune out the noise, think about what you need to do to achieve your goals and take time to explore different options.  EJay Business Solutions works with you to source the right solution. 


Here are just some of the skills EJay Business Solutions can offer - contact us to find out more:



Strategy and Process development


Policy development


Analysis and strategy


                     Media and PR 


Planning, developing and evaluation


Problem solving


Copywriting and the development of

written resources



Articles for national  press, magazines, journals and websites


Influencing, negotiating


Planning and development


Representation at meetings and conferences


Budgets and cost estimates




Staff management


Project initiation and management


Setting and achieving targets


Establishing priorities


Monitoring performance


Website copy


Newsletters / blogs



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