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Why outsource to EJay Business Solutions?


Advances in electronic development present a real opportunity for working differently and breaks down traditional notions of working in the ‘office’- outsourcing is no longer ‘remote’. 


Easy and cost effective voice and video conferencing, cloud computing solutions and remote access ensure that wherever you are, we work together.  Help for you to realign your business strategy and manage your workload is only ever a click away with EJay Business Solutions.  

Fundamental to the “smart” way of delivering management support are the key drivers of greater efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration in the delivery of work.  Benefits include higher performance, reductions in overheads and recruitment costs and a more targeted approach to project and task resourcing.

Outsourcing and workload management is about more than flexible working practices or overhead cost reductions, it is a fundamentally different approach to designing how to work. New organisational and workforce paradigms are developing, driven by a combination of changes in both the work environment and employment, making outsourcing a natural partner and resource for every business.


Outsourcing can offer smarter working practices, efficiency, increasing flexibility in operating hours and can enhance the effectiveness and ethos of your organisation. Why struggle when you don't have the resources available internally when there is cost effective, efficient and professional support available.


You can engage EJay Business Solutions when you need support – ad hoc or project




Advantages of working with EJay Business Solutions:


  • A full days work - breaks are not on your time 
  • Working to and with your agenda
  • Access to external experience and expertise
  • Quality results
  • Lower overheads
  • Timely, accurate and  professional results
  • No delay in starting and completing projects 
  • No employer’s national insurance liability, salary, pension, sick leave or holiday leave
  • No concerns over coverage of sickness/holidays/maternity/paternity 
  • Interim cover when key personnel leave
  • A scalable and flexible resource 
  • Work remotely – contact by skype / phone / email - visits to meet face to face can be arranged
  • Transparent service  – you retain control 
  • Book by the day, week or month 
  • Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed
  • Current CRB (enhanced) check
  • Weekly work summaries provided
  • Implementation schedule provided
  • Time tracked working 
  • Flexibility 



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